COVID-19 Re-Open Plan

Briercrest is moving forward with face-to-face instruction and taking precautions to prevent the unnecessary spread of the Covid-19 virus and its variants.

Our plan anticipates that the college will open September 1, 2021, with reduced class sizes and reaffirm our community’s commitment towards personal hygiene and respect for others.

To reduce interprovincial exposure, Briercrest Seminary will continue with remote, online education
until January 2022. Briercrest Christian Academy (BCA) will operate, mostly by the dictates of Prairie South School Division (PSSD), though some overlapping areas will fall under the Briercrest Plan (i.e. Food Services or dormitory life).

Briercrest will continue to monitor the evolving best practices and remain highly adaptive as the pandemic continues in the province. This plan and its assumptions are informed by recent findings and trends published by the CDC and WHO. Consultations will be made with Saskatchewan Health Association (SHA) to modify our plans should changes occur in the science or regional pandemic conditions.


Media Release


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Briercrest Returning to Campus with Lessened Restrictions

Classes for Briercrest College and BCA will resume this Fall with a significant decrease in health restrictions.

The Fall 2021 re-open plan involves reduced class sizes, facility sanitization, and self-monitoring of health and personal hygiene. The new measures continue face-to-face instruction in the college and high school with precautions to preserve the safety of the Briercrest community.

Briercrest Institutional COVID-19 Re-Open Plan


  1. Vaccines will not be required to attend Briercrest.
    Staff and students alike are free to determine whether they pursue a COVID-19 vaccination. No vaccinations or declarations of vaccination status will be required for any Briercrest involvement.
  2. Masks will be respected but not required.
    Masks will not be required but certainly supported for anyone wishing to use a mask in any circumstance. It is recommended that students continue to carry a mask with them should such circumstances arise.
  3. Quarantine accommodations and rapid testing to be available locally.
    Students will be asked to report any COVID-19 symptoms to Student Development. As testing for infection will become less available in the coming months, Briercrest will pursue rapid testing resources for our campus community. Students needing to quarantine will have access to designated rooms in the Lewis Apartments dormitory.


Best practices will continue to be monitored and evaluated.

Since the July 11th lifting of the provincial state of emergency, public health orders no longer limit the practices for campus health and safety. Briercrest leadership is committed to consulting with Saskatchewan Public Health as the coming months unfold.

Briercrest Seminary will continue online until January 2022 to reduce the interprovincial exposure to our community. As the new year approaches, seminary leadership expects to offer more clarity on a return to campus.

Even with reduced class capacity, all three schools still have space to welcome any students processing potential enrollment. For any support or information, all are encouraged to contact one of our advisors.

After a successful 2020-21 school year with only brief interruption to classes at Briercrest Christian Academy, Briercrest leadership is optimistic about our community’s ability to enjoy another safe and enriching educational season. With fewer barriers to community connection, the schools are poised to facilitate an exciting and encouraging return to campus.

UPDATE SEPT 3, 2021: In light of western Canada’s increasing number of Covid-19 cases, Briercrest leadership has determined that all Briercrest staff and faculty and college students (included those who are vaccinated) will be expected to take a Covid-19 test.

SHA will set up a testing clinic on campus during Week of Welcome. Test results only need to be reported to Student Development or HR if an individual tests positive for infection.

Briercrest’s vaccination policy remains unchanged. All involved parties are free to determine whether they pursue a Covid-19 vaccination.

Masking for indoor gatherings is not required but recommended. All staff and students are encouraged to carry a mask with them at all times should the need arise (eg. speaking with a masked individual). 

Also see our COVID-19 updates page

What you need to know

Briercrest Institutional
COVID-19 Re-Open Plan

Briercrest Christian Academy
Check In Days
  • For Briercrest Christian Academy, student check-in day is Wednesday, September 1st
  • For Briercrest College, student check-in day is Monday, September 6th
Campus Facilities
  • We are open to public now but we do ask that any campus visitors check in at the front desk upon arrival.
  • All events at Briercrest resume this fall
General Information

For COVID-19 information from the Province of Saskatchewan, please use the links below.


Updates will be posted on this page as Briercrest’s status and/or circumstances change amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Briercrest is proceeding in line with the directives of the Saskatchewan Health Authority in its commitment to the safety of the members of our Briercrest community.

The faculty genuinely care for your well-being and have a professional relationship that promotes learning and openly asking questions.
From the National Survey of Student Engagement 2015 (College)